Providing comprehensive, tailored, expert legal services to businesses, individuals and the real estate industry.

Poch Law

Poch Law is a full service civil litigation and real estate law firm. New Yorkers are diverse, but three things dominate our collective imagination: real estate, real estate and real estate.

Our practice’s primary focus is the needs of people and businesses who own, develop, occupy, buy and sell or otherwise work or live in the New York City metro real estate marketplace.

If it involves real estate or business matters—whether an opportunity or when something might or has actually gone wrong, Howard Poch is here to help.

Being party to a lawsuit is rarely by choice. I am a trial attorney who ensures my clients fully understand the risks of any litigation. I first help clients identify and employ approaches outside the courts and then navigate what can otherwise be the bewildering experience of a lawsuit.

Trial is a last resort. However, I am ready, willing and able to try the cases that cannot be resolved short of trial.

I look forward to getting to know you and helping you reach your goals. Please contact me to schedule a consultation.